Meiling Chen’s designs are a free-spirited journey into the uncharted terrain of contemporary ready-to-wear and eco couture.

Meiling’s work explores the relationship between fashion, visual design and art. Fueled by a Taiwanese family tradition of smart tailoring and drawing freely from her professional training, her curiosity and love for people, nature, culture and the arts.

Meiling strives to create trend-defying, season-challenging, and socially responsible apparel that is beautiful, but also deeply expressive of the lives of the people that wear it. Her goal is to bring fun and creativity to people’s daily lives through sustainable work,

Material & production

Low-impact colour dyed, carefully procured organic fabrics and materials, quality custom-tailoring techniques, and waste-free processes all define her practice. Meiling also selects plant-based nature dyes to create a particular colour and handmade result to achieve designs.

She supports small manufacturers and commissions local producers to create the productions. Meiling’s collection is composed with a continuously growing styles and lasting designs, She makes sure each design is here to last, by refining the fit, cutting, materials and adjusting the look with time.

Social Impact

Giving back is important to us (her?). We (Meiling?) believe in direct and immediate support in the everyday, to practice that we facilitate workshops and events to provide communities a space to express, share and enjoy togetherness and possible discoveries in self, others, society at large and the handmade experiences. We welcome suggestions, and please get in touch if you come across a community that can be benefited from us.